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UPS Riello Multi Sentry

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08 / 04 / 2021
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PT. Trikomindo Kharis Utama ( Trikom Kharisma) adalah perusahaan yang bergerak di bidang Teknologi Informasi / Information Technology ( IT) dan berperan sebagai System Integrator, Network Solution, Distributor, Master Dealer, Dealer, Reseller dan Authorized.

Detail UPS Riello Multi Sentry

ual UPS Riello Aros Multi Sentry yang merupakan UPS On Line Double Conversion.
Kami menjual beberapa tipe UPS Riello Multi Sentry seperti:

- UPS Riello Multi Sentry MST 10
Capacity : 10000VA
Backup time : 10 menit
Input : 3 phase
Output : 3 phase
- UPS Riello Multi Sentry MST 20
Capacity : 20000VA
Backup time : 10 menit
Input : 3 phase
Output : 3 phase
- UPS Riello Multi Sentry MST 30
Capacity : 30000VA
Backup time : 10 menit
Input : 3 phase
Output : 3 phase
- UPS Riello Multi Sentry MST 40
Capacity : 40000VA
Backup time : 10 menit
Input : 3 phase
Output : 3 phase

Penjelasan singkat mengenai UPS Riello Aros tipe Multi Sentry MST ini adalah sebagai berikut:

MULTI SENTRY is a state-of-the-art uninterruptible power supply, achieving the highest possible level of on-line double-conversion performance (VFI-SS-111) as defined within IEC EN 62040-3.

The sizes available include: 10-12-15-20-30-40-60-80-100-120-160-200 kVA all with a three-phase input and utput.
The MULTI SENTRY UPS is one of the most efficient UPS available with a minimal impact on its environment and power sources.

MULTI SENTRY UPS are easy to install, especially on sites where there is limited power capacity available, a standby generator and potentially harmonic compatibility issues:

• low input current distortion - less than 3%
• high input power factor 0.99
• power walk-in function to achieve progressive rectifier start-up
• delayed start-up on mains power supply return

MULTI SENTRY also performs the role of a high specification filter, protecting its power supply sources (mains or generator) from any harmonics and reactive power generated by the loads it is powering.

MULTI SENTRY can be used for a wide range of applications, thanks to its configuration options, flexibility, accessories and performance levels:
• suitable for powering capacitive loads, for example Blade servers - without any reduction in active power, from 0.9 leading to 0.9 lagging
• modes of operation include: On-Line, Eco, Smart-Active and Stand-By/Off
• frequency conversion mode
• Power Share connections for priority-based load shedding when the mains power supply has failed
• cold-start facility to switch the UPS on even without a mains power supply present
• extensive back-up time options using battery extension cabinets
• optional battery cabinet temperature sensor to assist the temperature compensating charger
• optional battery chargers to optimize recharge times
• optional dual input supplies
• optional isolation transformers for Galvanic isolation and neutral connectivity

• High output power factor which at 0,9pF (1pF for models 160-200 kVA) provides up to 15% ( 20% for models 160-200 kVA) more active power compared to a more traditionally sized UPS - providing greater system expansion margin for further load increases.


Hubungi kami segera untuk mendapatkan harga termurah dan stock terupdate.

PT. Trkomindo Kharis Utama


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